About MFN

John V. Finnegan, Chairman

Philip J. Judd, Vice Chairman/Project Director

Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

Committee Members:

Dean LaChance

Edward Miller

Kay Rand

Mitchell Ross, MD

Maine Families Network | Maine parents, Thanks for growing the future!
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Keith Edwards, staff writer for the Kennebec Journal, has written a great article about MFN for the January 24th issue.  You can read the full article here at KJ Article.   Or you can read the article at the KJ here.

  • What an interesting month in Maine-probably most of New England. The land of early American History and mud season! I call it the between month, the bridge month. Today I saw a new term used- the Springster month! It is usually cold in the first part and gradually transforms into a warmer climate. It's the time families dig out of winter life and start cleaning the yard! Don't forget the jacket, hat and gloves and then to the point we need them in the morning but not in the afternoon. Now mom's are picking up jackets, hats and gloves of loves ones that have been strewn around the yard.

    The first day of April is “April Fool's day”.  Ponder that word in all it's variations.   A fool to one is a genius to another.  It is more of a judgment then a diagnosis. This year we have Passover (starts April 10th), Easter (April 14-16) and a full Moon (April 11).

    The 24th is Holocaust remembrance day.

    So keep warm, rake the lawn, ignore the stubborn snow piles and persevere with hope for a warm green summer. Families make a difference and April is an opportunity to show that!

    April- color is gray-brown with hint of green. Symbol is is stubborn snow piles and lawn rake. Values honored perseverance and hopefulness.

    Vibrant families don't happen, they are patiently created.


Maine Families debuts with Music In the Kitchen, partnering with Cony High School, KVYMCA and local business.

Child's Play is Important!

MFN October 24, 2015 Symposium

UMA symposium, October 24th:


University of Maine at Augusta President, Dr. Glenn A. Cummings, has stated UMA’s support for the mission of the Maine Families Network, citing UMS’s strong commitment to areas of study related to healthy living and community-based support networks.

MFN and UMA are logical allies in building a stronger Maine.

  • Be patient. Some things just take time. on your favorite social network. Or go to our Facebook page: Provided by MFN

Never doubt a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.


What is a Home?

The home is the most important school for children.  Every moment in the home teaches…it is important those lessons be good ones.

Radio News

Listen for public service announcements by Maine Humorist and family man Gary Crocker, a Maine Families Network supporter sharing food for thought for Maine families airing on local Radio.

What is a Family?

MFN identifies a family as any adults or group of adults who assume responsibility for the growth and intellect, values and physical skills for the children in their life.


Our vision is that parents naturally take on the nurturing and educational journey of their children.  It is their home which becomes the first and most impactful “life” school.  It is here the child discovers their uniqueness, builds self-esteem and desire for learning.  The ultimate goal is a vibrant young adult and good citizen.  We all thank you.  MFN

“Respect, responsibility and reliability is what binds a family together.”


To Provide

Maine Families with access to resources that support the mission of MFN.


Maine Families thru networking and providing a wide range of family activities, workshops and conferences.


for Maine families on issues and concerns that impact family life and the well-being of their children.


Maine families on wholesome learning, and building rewarding futures for children.


key building blocks for strengthening families.


healthy practices for learning, education nutrition, health & well being, and concern for the environment.

There are lots of people in Maine

And lots to get done.  Let’s do it!


Maine Children


Maine Families


Number of Maine Homes


Neighbors below Poverty Line


Parents help build productive lives for their children.