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October Message 2019
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October Message 2019

October Message 2019

This is a month full of National (month) of awareness . I will list below a few that I felt worth families thinking about. But first, I will tackle “the day” that all retailers, and many manufactures market to, earlier each year- Halloween. I like think of it as a national day of candy over-consumption. A day of wasting money. Dress up is fun-why not re-purpose something you have or make it yourself. Who needs all that candy??? It is only one night in most cases.

Here is a listing of some National October month awareness.-each with it’s own focus. All of them promote a specific idea that has a lot of merit for all of us and certainly families ! We would benefit if these were acted on all year long, not just in October. I will be brief as possible! –

  • Adopt a shelter dog.(yea!)
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Celebrate a bilingual child
  • Eat better!
  • Emotional wellness
  • Financial planning
  • Health literacy
  • Walk to school
  • Dental health
  • Do something nice
  • Farmers celebration!

Parents have fun to come up with unique activities for as many of these awareness events, It will be fun! Each month you can Google the month and great ideas will be there, Think foreign events-what fun for your children to learn about the area/country they are celebrated. Your home is a joyous an meaningful place for you children to learn and grow. As they say-”the world is you oyster!

Creativity, innovation, listening , learning belong to children not robots!

Fil, the friendly dragon

Parents help build productive lives for their children.