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November Message 2019
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November Message 2019

November Message 2019

We are ending our fall efforts-buttoning up for Winter. The bright orange, yellow and brown of pumpkins, leaves,and corn husks are all around us. It is getting to look like Thanksgiving-one of our our most important family holidays. In the United States it is celebrated on the last Thursday of November-this year Thursday, November 28th.

I find it fun and helpful to see what other days are celebrated during any given month. Here are some interesting November celebrations that lend themselves to creative family activities filled with wonderful messages and memories. They are…Family stories month, National gratitude month, National inspirational role model month, National spinach and squash month, National American Heritage month, Family Literacy month.and lastly, National peanut butter month. Enjoy making memories, share you ideas and experiences with these sorts of “family” celebrations.

Enjoy the month of November. Take your time, November 2019 is only here once.

“ You may never now the result of your actions. If you do not act, there are no results.”

Parents help build productive lives for their children.