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September Message 2020 - Maine Families Network
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September Message 2020

September Message 2020

A new monthly message sometimes calls for reading message of the same month from the previous year. What a shock it was to read the first paragraph of The September 2019 message! – It read:

“It is now September, following a family friendly warm summer. The signs-back to school shopping, last minute vacation, maybe a family Labor Day gathering…..a new year of friends, yet unknown, new ideas and experiences, holding fast to family ties and memories……We are thankful for these times and memories that shape(our children) into who they are becoming.”

Wow! Coronavirus has had a big impact and changed family life. Many changes are beneficial-families spending more time together, a lot of home learning, appreciation of the neighborhood you live in and getting to know your neighbors. Calling friends and family just to say hello and “ how they are you doing”.

There are stressful moments–wearing masks, will there be school, controlled access to re-opened businesses which must operate in ways that conform to rules in place. Yet you can witness acts of kindness and humor. I have received, given and observed acts of respect, generosity, and helpfulness in my travels around my home town.

Today, I went to a local store. I have been to their old location and at this new one. I got a new cellphone and needed to transfer data from my old phone. In the past, the store wasn’t a friendly place. I was in for a wonderful surprise. They now had a hostess! It was a delight. She and the staff were welcoming and kind.. She managed the traffic- sometimes taking what was needed to pay a bill and the customer never entered the store. Incredible customer service and an understanding of the person she were interacting with. I was there for a long time and enjoyed watching the customer miracles.

We are all tired and want to go back to “normal”. Yes to no masks! But I do not want to lose the blessings we each have received. So I will call it the “new normal”. Think well on the gifts you have received. Hold fast to the good things you have experienced during these difficult times. It makes a difference for us all.

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