About MFN


John V. Finnegan, Chairman

Philip J. Judd, Vice Chairman/Project Director

Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

Committee Members:

Dean LaChance

Edward Miller

Kay Rand

Mitchell Ross, MD

April 2021 Message - Maine Families Network
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April 2021 Message

April 2021 Message

Dear friends, for some time now, we have not turned over our voice to Fil the friendly dragon. We now realize that Fil the friendly dragon has been the spirit and voice of Maine Families Network from the very beginning. The voice you will hear, and the message written, will henceforth be from our flag bearer, our spokesperson, and our passion- Fil tfd

April is fast approaching, and Spring is in the air! Yes, we are still moving along in this COVID era. But now we can talk about vaccinations and hope is creeping in. Through this hard time, we have been humbled and are learning patience. It can be difficult, but it is so necessary. Those who have achieved moments of patience receive peace, a magical gift from patience itself. Now more than ever, many have come to realize what is and always has been most important: family, friends, and neighbors. This community is the nurturing world that children grow up in to survive and thrive in the future.

As human adult finds and strengthens their inner patience and receives the gift of peace, they can walk in hope each day. May your children witness acts of kindness and make those acts their own. Fil tfd

Parents help build productive lives for their children.