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John V. Finnegan, Chairman

Philip J. Judd, Vice Chairman/Project Director

Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

Committee Members:

Dean LaChance

Edward Miller

Kay Rand

Mitchell Ross, MD

June 2021 Message - Maine Families Network
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June 2021 Message

June 2021 Message

Mercy! We are now in the “final” act of this Corona Virus-19 performance. For me, it seems a lifetime, but it has only been one and the half plus years.

So much drama and so much energy invested in coping and doing “what we are told.” I was a youngster once and my dragon parents were from the early 1900s. They never doubted their daily life, their magic, and their love for parents and children. They believed they were called to honor humanity, parents, and children working every day for their future. It is called hope.

Now it is only me. I am blessed that I was found and welcomed into Maine(e) Families Network where I continue the magic and advocacy of parents and children. It is the future!

I am left with this thought. It is family, children, neighbors, and community that build a society free of autocracy. It may call for courage, but it saves the free and caring world we love. Do not let this be forgotten.

~ Fil, the friendly dragon.

Parents help build productive lives for their children.