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Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

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Dean LaChance

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Author: MFNweb

Happy New Year!

January 2021- we have made it through 2020, and it was difficult for us all.  It was watching parts of our world disappearing, closing or changing.

We have survived. It is still strange but...

Tis the season..not quite like last Christmas season. Two Christmas classics come to mind-Charles Dickens' “A Christmas Carol” and the movie with Jimmy Stewart “It's a Wonderful Life”. In each, the themes and values expressed-generosity, joy, kindness, redemption-just to name a few- ring...

Looking back at the November 2019 message-the reality of today was definitely not expected. Now those days past are wonderous memories…. Our November 2020 world is the “world of covid-19”….masks, schools close and maybe open again on a limited basis. Our lives are...

I just re-read the October 2019 message. It was so different then! No virus, masks, closed schools, social distancing, etc. Life was “business as usual.”

Not anymore. We've have had to make major changes is our daily routine;...

A new monthly message sometimes calls for reading message of the same month from the previous year. What a shock it was to read the first paragraph of The September 2019 message! - It read:

“It is now September, following...

It's a day like many days..difficult to know which day. It is like yesterday, but different, maybe like tomorrow. We have learned certain things, small and large, that are important. Things we took for granted, but not anymore..our family, our friends and neighbors...

It seems that July is a continuation of June, dealing each day with daily life in the world of the coronavirus. There is one important difference, we have another month of experience behind us. We are becoming more skilled to cope effectively.

It's about time, May 2020. The last month of Spring! I'm getting anxious to sit outside and enjoy warm sun. We also, unfortunately, are in our 2nd month of the covid-19 experience in Maine. I guess this is the new normal. I...

It's April, springtime. Then Covid-19 arrived, the elephant in the living room. Heard chatter, but it was “from away” and now it is upon us and has changed everything. What was assumed by many, does not exist, at least for now.-working,...

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