About MFN


John V. Finnegan, Chairman

Philip J. Judd, Vice Chairman/Project Director

Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

Committee Members:

Dean LaChance

Edward Miller

Kay Rand

Mitchell Ross, MD

Initiatives - Maine Families Network
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Operational :

  • UMA partnership on video conversation. The first has been completed. See web site. www.mainefamilies network.com.
  • Online store , working on at this time.
  • Research.  Research as vital to our mission.  Our plan is to launch an exhaustive search for (1) Maine community play groups and (2) Maine community/regional youth organizations such as Future Farmers , Boy scouts, Rainbow Girls. There will be other research efforts as we evolve.

Future Initiatives:

All the intiative listed below could justify a video conversation and a PSA.

  • Annual Family gathering.(Pow-Wow)
  • Critical,creative play within families.
  • Civic responsibilities within families.
  • History,Geography(social studies) within Families.
  • Education starts at home.
  • Family conversations on video. (MFN and UMA partnership.)
  • The 3 R’s-Respect for self and others, self responsibilitiy and reliability.
  • Green Friday vs Black Friday.  Reclaim Thanksgiving as a day of thankfulness. A day of community/family meals of thanksgiving, with left overs. A day of joy and relaxation with family and friends. It is not a day of frantic shopping!
  • Honors study hall in middle and high schools. Students have to apply to get in and have standards to meet. There would be responsibilities and expectations from all envolved.
  • Occpational mentoring for children. The intent is to offer children experience into future occupational possibilites-the full range.
  • Family outreach into hospitals to families of newborns. (bring an evergreen plant.)
  • Maine Family Radio-create a family friendly radio station-use the public radio model. 6:30am to 10:00pm.
  • Membership option-use the public radio model.
  • Basic skills promotion-memorization,spelling, mental math,math facts,printing & writing. Also other important areas of music,art. Drama and sports. Creative and critical thinking . Think Brain development. Refer to Adel Diamond  on onbeing.org.
  • Maine Center for Family Study and Research- A partnership with UMA to build a facility that would house MFN and the radio station, This would be coordinated with UMA giving degrees in Family Studies and offering minor and classes on familiy studies/topics. MFN could also over work shops/group conversations on family issues for newly weds and or first time parents. ( think two adults making a commitment. What does each bring to the table in the area of skills, memories, experience and expectations. The weaving of a whole cloth, sort of like a Scottish tarten).
  • Values and ethics in family life- How does values and ethics contribution to family life,  a child’s future and our society- kindness, generosity and sense of common good. Added benefit -civility, listening skills and respect, responsibility and being your word.   Outreach to other organizations is essential.
  • Take back Sunday- MFN as a platform for promoting  that Sunday(once again) be a family and community day not a shopping day.
  • Weekend gatherings- create weekend activities sponsored by MFN and others.
  • Farm and Family- This would include visiting farms by families or schools. Creating summer farm camps, grow a garden, garden to table “family suppers” hosted by MFN at selected schools.
  • Family Diary time-promote families to gather around the table encorporating dairying. Each has a dairy/notebook. Perhaps limit to one page..can include artwork. Safe the Dairys.
    Family game time-same as above but game play. Could also do conversation time, imagination time, question and answer time. Time sensitive..perhaps 1 hr to 1.5 hrs. Add your ideas for family time. Try to always use the “family table” could include healthy snacks. Each family member takes turns providing this.
    Link in state libraries-in having local family conversations, learn about MFN, promoting reading and reading with puppet play. Perhaps the libraries could administer Toy lending and advocate language , sense of self and skill building thru toys and play.

Future Ideas:

Leadership and social responsibility in family life.



Art, music and drama in the home.

Collect ideas from face book and web site. 

Parents help build productive lives for their children.