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Message from MFN
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Message from MFN

This is an archive of some past thoughts from the site.

It's April, springtime. Then Covid-19 arrived, the elephant in the living room. Heard chatter, but it was “from away” and now it is upon us and has changed everything. What was assumed by many, does not exist, at least for now.-working, eating out, appointments, meetings all cancelled or postponed. Most of us have not experienced this. It seems surreal. It will pass, but when. There are no guarantees.

Like my living brother and sisters, we are seniors and self isolated. Reflections on family and community can not be taken for granted, like everything they are at risk,

Here is the good news piece-Maine Families Network is more relevant than ever before-Family(core parents and children and community build society, this is our vision and mission. So I shall hold fast each and every day.

Here are some celebrations in April..Check it out on google, there are many! April Fools Day, Love our children day, Sourdough bread day,Walking out outside day, Reconciliation day, Carrot day, Dandelion day, Read a road map day, Fresh tomato and sweet potato day, Fun day, Handmade day, Farm animal day, Safety pin day and Pet day. There are many celebrations, pick a few for you and your family-memories and joy during these hard times.

“ We walk a kind journey, there will be potholes in the path, avoid them do not stumple in them!”

“Every day may not be good, but, there will be good in everyday”


Retail promotions during the Calendar year- August and September, Back to school, October, Halloween, November, Thanksgiving, December Christmas, January, Happy New Year, February, Valentine's Day, March, Saint Patrick’s Day, April, Easter, May, Mothers' Day, June, Fathers' Day and July, 4th of July. These retail promotions have replaced important celebrations in our society that families carried out for generations. (Halloween was first known as All Saints Day. A remembrance of ancestors.)

Today each of these celebrations have been commercialized. Candy has become a major retail profit center,and there's lots of other “stuff” to be bought! Due to this use of time and money to buy stuff we don't need,there's less time for seeking out the family value of each event.

To do that requires time for family reflection and celebration. A great investment in enriching family life.

Money is saved but more importantly you have wisely given your time to build family life and memories. This matters and is priceless. Here is a few other celebration ideas for March: Incredible Kids Day, Peanut Butter Lovers Day, World Day of Prayer, Take a walk in the Park Day, National Crayon Day and Nutritional Month. Also March 19th is the 1 st day of Spring!!

Have fun and be creative ! Lot's of possibilities to create family memories and traditions.

“ You may never know the results of your actions, if you do not act there are no results.”


I thought February was Valentines Day, but it is so much more. February is known on the Roman calendar as the month of purification. I looked up the definition of “purification” and it is about wiping your chalkboard of life clean !

That is very important!

It means to forgive yourself and others. It means starting a new page on life full of forgiveness and kindness. We all can use that!

Check out these days recognized during February-Dental Health, Nonviolence, Inventions, Religious celebration in the faiths of Baha”i, Jewish, and Muslim. There are more.

Create a February Celebration for your family..consider celebrating your family history with a favorite family recipe, pictures and conversation…or a February field trip..all up to your creativeness. Your children will thank you!

“Possibilities are endless when you act rather then react”


As designed by our calendar, in January we are called to begin a new chapter in our life. What we know for certain are two things-1. We will be a year older sometime during this year and 2. 2020 comes only once, never to be repeated. So forget the shouldas, couldas and wouldas !!

Think of it as a unique year long journey full of peaks, valleys and plateaus. It will be a combination of joys, sadness and surprises.

It will be made up of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows-the past, the present and the future. Always be in the moment, the present, informed by the past, the yesterday and full of hope for tomorrow, the future. Follow your life compass forward and fill your backpack with kindness, gratitude and most importantly-patience and peace.

Here are some celebrated days to keep in mind for the family:

  • January 4-Spaghetti day,
  • the 5th is Bird watching day,
  • the 16th appreciate a dragon day(That could be a lot of fun!),
  • the 21st, is give a hug day,
  • and the 31st is hot chocolate day.
  • Also, the 21st is Martin Luther King Day-so many ways to celebrate MLK.

There are others from around the world check them out and bring them alive for the benefit of your children.

“Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.”


Tis the season, Charles' Dickens—The Christmas Carol, and The movie with Jimmy Stewart—It's a Wonderful Life all come alive again. Yes, tis the season for reflection on the gifts of family, friends, neighbors and humanity. These are the true gifts we have received that make a difference but are often forgotten and taken for granted.

Every culture and faith are built on this foundation. Enjoy the traditions of your family together, greet your neighbors and give kind greetings to strangers you meet and help the less fortunate. Tis the season!

This festive time please watch the movie—Its a wonderful Life” Also visit Maine Families Network on Face Book.

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”


We are ending our fall efforts-buttoning up for Winter. The bright orange, yellow and brown of pumpkins, leaves,and corn husks are all around us. It is getting to look like Thanksgiving-one of our our most important family holidays. In the United States it is celebrated on the last Thursday of November-this year Thursday, November 28th.

I find it fun and helpful to see what other days are celebrated during any given month. Here are some interesting November celebrations that lend themselves to creative family activities filled with wonderful messages and memories. They are…Family stories month, National gratitude month, National inspirational role model month, National spinach and squash month, National American Heritage month, Family Literacy month.and lastly, National peanut butter month. Enjoy making memories, share you ideas and experiences with these sorts of “family” celebrations.

Enjoy the month of November. Take your time, November 2019 is only here once.

“ You may never now the result of your actions. If you do not act, there are no results.”


This is a month full of National (month) of awareness . I will list below a few that I felt worth families thinking about. But first, I will tackle “the day” that all retailers, and many manufactures market to, earlier each year- Halloween. I like think of it as a national day of candy over-consumption. A day of wasting money. Dress up is fun-why not re-purpose something you have or make it yourself. Who needs all that candy??? It is only one night in most cases. Here is a listing of some National October month awareness.-each with it's own focus. All of them promote a specific idea that has a lot of merit for all of us and certainly families ! We would benefit if these were acted on all year long, not just in October. I will be brief as possible! -

  • Adopt a shelter dog.(yea!)
  • Breast cancer awareness
  • Celebrate a bilingual child
  • Eat better!
  • Emotional wellness
  • Financial planning
  • Health literacy
  • Walk to school
  • Dental health
  • Do something nice
  • Farmers celebration!
Parents have fun to come up with unique activities for as many of these awareness events, It will be fun! Each month you can Google the month and great ideas will be there, Think foreign events-what fun for your children to learn about the area/country they are celebrated. Your home is a joyous an meaningful place for you children to learn and grow. As they say-”the world is you oyster!

Creativity, innovation, listening , learning belong to children not robots!

Fil, the friendly dragon


It is now September, following a family friendly warm summer. The signs-back to school shopping, last minute vacation, if lucky, a family labor day gathering. But now-back to school, a new year of friends, yet un-known, new ideas and experiences and holding fast to family ties and memories. In our own way we are thankful for these times and memories that shape who we are becoming.

Labor Day dates in America from the late 1800's It started with an idea and continued, state by state. Initially the intent was to distinguished between the upper-class and the working class. Today it is a national holiday for all families regardless of “class”. It honors human efforts in building, creating,producing, repairing and a good work ethic. It is essential to family and society. It is what saves and repairs community and country.

Two things I leave you with. Human effort (labor) requires both brain and brawn. It is kind and nurturing. Always respect it at home and look for it in both parent and child. Your family, community and our society can not survive without it.


I always find it interesting to read about all the celebrations that are highlighted for each month.

August has many--American adventures month, Getting ready for kindergarten month, Happiness happens month, National water quality month and National Civility month. August 6th is friendship day.

It would be wonderful if each family could observe each of these days- what a a month August would be. Very important- add to this list any family member who is celebrating a birthday !

Enjoy August 2019 it only happens once in a lifetime !

“Family memories take time and creative effort but they last forever.”


Good news! It appears that July should be one of our warmest months. August must be the other. We have had a cold spring in Maine and a lot of rain. The gardens will love the warmth of the sun, as will I. We also......

Parents help build productive lives for their children.