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John V. Finnegan, Chairman

Philip J. Judd, Vice Chairman/Project Director

Roger Pomerleau, Treasurer

Lisa Miller, Secretary/Clerk

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Dean LaChance

Edward Miller

Kay Rand

Mitchell Ross, MD

Message from MFN - Maine Families Network
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Message from MFN

This is an archive of some past thoughts from the site.

Welcome to Maine Families Network web page. We invite you to browse thru our site and listen to our theme song “Carry on” by pressing the triangle at the top of the page. In closing this welcome, I would like to paraphrase this passage on......

As I zoom around listening, I hear sooo much. It seems like families are understanding that what a child gets from home life, family, and friends is what truly matters. It is not the toys but the play that informs and gives them memories that......

September is upon us, Fil the friendly dragon here. Been around a long time, but these times are sure unique. Never remember a time where I felt this kind of not knowing what's next…so vulnerable.  Children seem like children that adults remember from their own past. They are so trusting and accepting. They will grow up just like children seem to have always done. They trust their parents and their relatives.  They trust their friends. They do not live in fear.  Children are a great model of hope and resilience.

God bless the children, may they lead us out of these times of despair, just like Moses did, to a new life of family, neighbors and community.

 Children will create a great future for us all!

“Life is 10% of what happens and 90% how you handle it!  Challenges make it interesting, overcoming them make it meaningful!”


Hi, Fil here! Because I am a dragon, I have been around for a long time. As they say, “This ain’t my first rodeo.” There have been a lot of difficult times I’ve had to face down and be brave above all these centuries. These......

Me thinks we are coming to the end of these COVID-19 times. It has been a challenge for everyone, including us dragons! I feel the Northwind clearing. the air. A lot has been learned, especially the importance of a supportive family, kind neighbors, and a caring community. That has been true from the “get-go”, but the rush of daily life made it hard to find time to nurture family, be neighborly, or even active in our community. Through the ups and downs of COVID-19, it seems like a lot of folks are returning to the values of family, neighbors, and community. Yay! As we move into July, hold fast to your children, they need you. Listen to your children, they need their voices heard. Encourage and comfort them. Spend time each day building memories and values that they will need to survive and thrive in an unknown future. Give the gift of family by sharing stories of family past and hopes for the future. Talk about the importance of being grateful, respectful, kind, and helping others. If we honor these things, me thinks all will go well. ~ Fil, the friendly Dragon...

Mercy! We are now in the "final" act of this Corona Virus-19 performance. For me, it seems a lifetime, but it has only been one and the half plus years.

So much drama and so much energy invested in coping and doing "what we are told." I was a youngster once and my dragon parents were from the early 1900s. They never doubted their daily life, their magic, and their love for parents and children. They believed they were called to honor humanity, parents, and children working every day for their future. It is called hope.

Now it is only me. I am blessed that I was found and welcomed into Maine(e) Families Network where I continue the magic and advocacy of parents and children. It is the future!

I am left with this thought. It is family, children, neighbors, and community that build a society free of autocracy. It may call for courage, but it saves the free and caring world we love. Do not let this be forgotten.

~ Fil, the friendly dragon.


Spring is here! Had a relatively warm winter and not much snow. We shoveled less but did not get the benefits from a snow banked home or reflection from the snow on sunny days. I wonder if there will be a water shortage this Spring and Summer. We are in our second year of covid-19 event. We are wearing masks, and now we have a vaccine. It seems like this surreal time has been going on forever! My local bank opened its lobby but gone was the familiar receptionist kiosk in the lobby, never to return. The space looks spacious and has a well-designed floor plan. I am seeing the beginning of the “new normal”. The aftermath of the corona virus period will be bringing its own new normal that we will have to work out and it will not necessarily be a smooth ride. The good news is perhaps we are returning to valuing the importance of family, friends and community and kindness, enjoying the moment and not always in a rush. It seems that with each difficult time there are lessons to be learned. Fil, the friendly dragon I like this thought! Fil, tfd “Kindness is the language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ...

Dear friends, for some time now, we have not turned over our voice to Fil the friendly dragon. We now realize that Fil the friendly dragon has been the spirit and voice of Maine Families Network from the very beginning. The voice you will hear, and the message written, will henceforth be from our flag bearer, our spokesperson, and our passion- Fil tfd

April is fast approaching, and Spring is in the air! Yes, we are still moving along in this COVID era. But now we can talk about vaccinations and hope is creeping in. Through this hard time, we have been humbled and are learning patience. It can be difficult, but it is so necessary. Those who have achieved moments of patience receive peace, a magical gift from patience itself. Now more than ever, many have come to realize what is and always has been most important: family, friends, and neighbors. This community is the nurturing world that children grow up in to survive and thrive in the future.

As human adult finds and strengthens their inner patience and receives the gift of peace, they can walk in hope each day. May your children witness acts of kindness and make those acts their own. Fil tfd


We are living in the era of Covid-19 and it seems like forever. It becomes clearer that to survive and thrive, each one of us are called to commit our lifes to the path of patience and peace. We do this not only for our well being but also for our children, family, friends and community..

We have historic models of this commitment such as Mahatma Ghandi but it is also modeled in our communities, just look around you. There certainly are models of lack of peace and impatience..that is easy. But to struggle with patience and peacefulness not only is it human but healthy. It keeps us intentional and blessing to others thoughtful sayings- Life is 10% of what happens and 90% how I react to it.

He who embraces patience will know peace. There are hundreds of languages, a smile speaks them all.

Memories, messaging and values are essential to the well being of a child.


February is celebrated as the month of romantic love-Valentine's Day. It is a very profitable month for retailers. There are similar monthly events starting New Years right thru Christmas. I would like to share a thought that is more essential and important -It is called peace. We need to celebrate peace all year long! Peacefulness in the life of parents and their children. Peacefulness among family, friends, neighbors and community. Peace is the cornerstone of every healthy society.

The lack of peace destroys at every level and eats away at the human spirit. Being a model of peace makes a big difference. Mahatma Gandhi, Bishop Tutu, Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama are good examples of the personal struggle to live, walk and talk in peace everyday! There are others doing the same in our communities. I wise man once said- “ If you have peace all else is possible.” That's what these times are calling for. Walk and talk in peace..It is a struggle each day but the trek is worth it.

An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind”

Mahatma Gandhi


Parents help build productive lives for their children.